Hotel Monte Fumaiolo is situated at an altitude of 1,280 m above sea level. It was built in 1968 and presented to the diocese of Cesena – Sarsina, so that it could become a warm accommodation for families, parish groups, summer camps and spiritual retreats.

Fully restored and renovated in facilities and image, the hotel was extended by a new building in 2012, in order to meet everyone’s needs.

The hotel stands within a natural and idyllic framework, just a few steps away from the sources of the Tiber and only 1 km far from the village called Balze – a perfect mix of quiet and convenience at the same time.

The hotel outside areas are real open spaces, where you can rest after a sport day or even before a pleasant evening – they are meeting rooms, where you can enjoy a restful and secluded atmosphere.

Come to visit us: our staff looks forward to mollycoddling you with delicious typical dishes from Tuscany and Romagna, always solicitous of your wellbeing.

We are waiting for you!
Via Tevere, 28
47020 Balze di Verghereto (FC)

Tel. +39 0543-906614
Fax +39 0543-906615
Cell:+39 3939234448